Along the Watchtower by Constance Squires

When thirteen-year-old Lucinda Collins lands at the U.S. military base in Grafenwoehr, West Germany, in 1983, she already knows the drill: setting up new family quarters; easing turbulence between her parents; meeting her fellow Army brats but trying to remain at arms length, knowing she’ll likely part from friends sooner rather than later. The nomadic Army life is all she knows, yet she longs for a place to which she can tether her memories, a place to truly call home.

During his West German tour of duty, the past haunts Lucinda’s father, Major Jack Collins, while Lucinda’s mother, Faye, perceptibly grows tired of Army life and the difficulties with her husband. As the family fractures, rock and roll becomes Lucinda’s consolation and she begins to chart her own path to adulthood and understanding amidst disappointments and struggle.

Set against the comings and goings of military friends, parents, lovers, and ghosts, Along the Watchtower is the story of a girl searching for permanent belonging in an ever-shifting world.